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    PAYANKÉ was born from a deep desire to create casual, comfortable & colourful footwear that was also environmentally friendly. Since our brand has its origin on the island of Reunion, we were inspired to create the perfect pair of flip-flops. 

    We're connected to nature. That's why we tried to be different than the other flip-flop producers, who are detrimental to the environment several different ways. They are made from synthetic materials and marketed as disposable footwear to be discarded after wearing only a few times. The problem with this concept of disposable is that the synthetic material does not decompose when the footwear is thrown away. It just ends up filling up the landfills and destroying fragile marine life when thrown away, or adding toxins to the atmosphere when burned.

    Not willing to compromise on the environmentally friendly aspect, we explored  other regions around Asia, looking for suitable material that we could use that was ecofriendly, practical and comfortable. Our search took us deep into the interiors where we met indigenous farmers who had mastered the art of creating biodegradable sheets using natural rubber. These rubber sheets met our environment-friendly requirement and so Payanké was born!

    Why Payanké? The name Payanké is derived from Paille En Queue or the Tailed Straw, the emblematic bird of Reunion Island, which is the birthplace of our brand. For the residents of Reunion Island, this white seabird with its wide wingspan and long tail symbolizes pure freedom and unbridled joy. These are the two qualities that capture the very essence of Payanké Flip Flops.


    Payanké’s mission is deeply rooted in freedom and sustainability.

    Our aim is to create a better tomorrow for future generations by promoting environmentally-friendly solutions to today’s problems. All of our raw materials are sourced locally from  farmers who use only green methods of farming. As a way of giving back, a part of our revenue goes towards our foundation that supports these local farmers so they can make ends meet.



    Flip-flops are among the most popular footwear style around the globe and for good reason. They are casual, colorful and fun without compromising on comfort or style. The downside is that many brands are made from synthetic materials that only end up polluting the Earth.

    What sets Payanké flip-flops apart from the rest is that they are made using only sustainable materials and processes. The rubber is sourced from Asia, a region renowned for producing the best quality rubber in abundance. Local farmers use traditional, eco-friendly methods of tapping rubber, leaving the tree unharmed during the process.

    Every process used, from beginning to end is non-polluting and ecologically sound. The result is a pair of flip-flops that we can proudly claim to be completely sustainable.

    Our foundation was created as a way to give back to the farmers and needy locals. For every pair of flip-flops sold, we pledge to plant a rubber tree and also help people in need, especially those who cannot afford to buy proper footwear. Buy Payanké and join us in creating a better world for this generation and the next.